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Orange County Register by Susan Gaede: Duplicitous Book

Posted by: | Posted on: July 25, 2014

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by Newsy Suzie (Susan Gaede)
published on July 25, 2014.
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Local author:-Author, webmaster, and La Habra resident Mike Beaumont has co-written a new book, “Duplicitous: How We The People Can Reclaim America.”. The book will be coming out in August. This is the third collaboration for Mike and Randy E. King. The other two books include: “Left-Center-Right: What is Best for America?”, and “Is Anybody Listening?: Real Teens True Stories – Young People Hoping to Make A Difference”.

Mike’s latest tome, “Duplicitous: How We The People Can Reclaim America, discusses the importance of finding a balance between too little government (which leads to anarchy) and too much government, (which leads to oligarchy). It places the many political-related events into proper context. It also examines the premise that The US constitution is specifically designed to allow “We the People” to develop rules and maintain comprehensive accountability so that no one person or group is above the law. In addition to being an accomplished author, Mike is had been a busy man. He is a marketing and technology consultant, Director of For Kids Cures Foundation, high school teacher, university post-graduate, co-producer of StoriesofUSA.com, and has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition, Mike has served at the helm of several local organizations.

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